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Plastic packaging for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical preparations.
Various types of boxes, jars, bottles, vials, dosage containers with cutter.
High quality plastic, precision during manufacturing and modern design are features of our products, which is why we have a large number of regular customers.

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It is best seen from the packaging, which you have chosen for your products, how much you value them.

When we consider the features of plastic boxes for cosmetics, their functionality, reliability and robustness are certainly the most important. The packaging should keep its contents completely isolated from external influences, both chemical (preventing the contents from mixing with gases or liquids outside the packaging), and mechanical (resistance to impacts, knocking, mechanical pressure during transport and handling of the packaging). But, since this is packaging for cosmetics, we do not forget the aesthetics and finishing of plastic boxes, bottles and small jars. The design and shapes are pleasing, suitable for their primary purpose. The surfaces are finely processed, they have a texture that is pleasant to the touch, and all the edges are quality processed so that the user cannot be injured, cut, etc. when handling the packaging. The lids are easily unscrewed and screwed onto the boxes, which makes handling easier, the quality is such that they most certainly guarantee durability and reliability, and when they are in the closed position, they do not open by themselves.

Function of packaging

Closed packaging protects its contents from the influence of the external environment.
open, provides easy access to content.

Reliability and robustness

Packaging must be firm in order to preserve the contents during storage, transportation and the period of use.

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The appearance and first impression

Customers usually choose items based on their appearance. It is therefore very important to create a visual impact of packaging.

Ease of use

The quick and easy opening and closing of the packaging is a priority.

Latest products

Here you can see products that have just come out of our production lines.
Call now and be the first to pack your products in them.

Increase sales

The product packed in a high-quality and attractive packaging certainly leads to significantly better sales. This have been recognized by successful ones long ago and they are practicing it for every new product.

Choose security

We have been in this business for more than three decades.
We have never allowed to ourselves to fail our clients. So it will be in the future. We are the exact supplier of packaging that you need!

Create satisfied customers

A satisfied customer will recommend you to his or her friends and relatives. But a satisfied customer will also look for your other products.
Therefore, select the packaging carefully.

Here at us, you have everything in one place with the guarantee of the highest quality of everything that comes out of our production facility.

And our prices...

We guarantee that you will not find cheaper products for the same quality. If that happens, tell us, we will do it even cheaper!



The long-term goal of our business philosophy and strategy is to constantly raise the quality of our products and services. The goal we have set to ourselves is not easy to achieve because quality does not have the upper limit, it needs to be constantly improved, upgraded and nurtured. Expertise, professionalism and responsibility, as a way of thinking and doing business, are the basic elements of our quality policy.

With more than 40 years long experience in the production of plastic packaging, we have proved on the markets of Serbia, Montenegro and other surrounding countries as a manufacturer that has almost no competition in the region of Southeast Europe in terms of the quality and price of its products.

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