About us


Fero Plast was founded in 1982 in Nova Pazova. After three decades of successful business, it expands its business and grows into Fero Plast Plus, the name under which it operates today.

We have our own tool shop for mold making, ie, tools for molding plastics, and we by ourselves construct and build tools. We have 8 injection molding machines for plastics of different volumes and two blowers.

We have modern and efficient equipment, and we employ young and capable people, who are already highly experienced experts. All operations are carried out to the satisfaction of the customer, under the slogan 'speed, seriousness, quality'.
In order for our client to have his product as soon as possible, our plant operates in two shifts. We are willing to produce packaging according to customer specification - according to the drawing or sample.

Increase sales

The product packed in a high-quality and attractive packaging certainly leads to significantly better sales. This have been recognized by successful ones long ago and they are practicing it for every new product.

Choose security

We have been in this business for more than three decades.
We have never allowed to ourselves to fail our clients. So it will be in the future. We are the exact supplier of packaging that you need!

Create satisfied customers

A satisfied customer will recommend you to his or her friends and relatives. But a satisfied customer will also look for your other products.
Therefore, select the packaging carefully.